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KOKM DXP, for Education:

Kokm's original code base was born in the LMS market. We specialise in bespoke educational software that enables key reporting, tracking, grading and learning to be managed effeciently. With our expertise in educational software and your skills as learning providers - it's a a perfect combination.

Custom Software Development

Product Development

Cloud Solutions

Tailor & customise

Completely tailor - from your brand, look & feel, structure, menus, workflows, create webforms & feedback forms.


Intuitive for users and easy to administrate with automated workflows, tailored to meet your needs

Easy integrations

Easily integrate with SSO to your active directory, Turnitin as well as your student and other systems


Learn and track progress. See courses by subject, semester and more! Interact with Teachers. Link to Video Conferencing and online classes.


Track students, engage and feedback. Grade with powerful Gradebook.


Manage students, teachers and key information. Track attendance and achievements. Distribute end of year achievements to parents, students and authorities.

About kokm DXP for Education

kokm DXP: Education is specifically tailored for schools and educational institutions.

kokm DXP: Education offers a range of features designed to enhance your learning environment and foster student growth.


  • Bespoke interface if required
  • Simple log in or integration to SIS (Student Information System)
  • School Calendars
  • Attendance Management
  • Class schedule and events
  • Semester by Semester online course programmes
  • Interactive content, SCORMS and more
  • Course progress tracking
  • Dashboard for easy Student and Teacher access to information
  • Links to knowledge, files and documents
  • Access to class recordings library
  • Easy access to online education with Zoom or other we-conferencing tools for classes
  • and much more!

Want to sell education resources?

If your education company-organisation, school or business sells content


You can enable your tailored version of kokm DXP: Education can be enabled to sell acces to learning resources, courses, events and much more!

Give access to cohorts

With kokm DXP: Education you can give access to groups or cohorts of students as well as individuals and charge for access if required.


You can enhance kokm DXP: Education to include many features of the kokm DXP giving more power to your knowledge sharing.

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