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Your Digital Experience Platform

Experience the transformative power of Kokm DXP. A flexible, composable foundation for your digital needs. Shaping the future of digital experiences on a Drupal and AI powered foundation, binging your vision to life with all the tools in the box.

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Fast Performance

Experience lightning-fast performance for optimal efficiency and productivity in our software solutions.


All the tools

Unlock your digital potential by having direct access to all the tools you need. From discovery to implementation, kokm can assist.


Top Level Functionality

Elevate your software experience with top level functionalities. We ensure best practice for all modern digital solutions built with kokm.


Customer Support

Get a dedicated account manager for direct assistance during your project. From content building to technical support, we are here to help.

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Your Business Solutions, Digitised.

Kokm is a cutting-edge DXP (Digital Experience Platform) developed by iwise2business, a digital solutions company with 14 years of experience.

Kokm enables your digital solution to be built with cost effectiveness, efficiency and the latest technologies. Kokm leverages up-to-date AI technologies, a robust and secure Drupal foundation and a flexible front end to deliver transformative digital solutions. Empower your business by enhancing any aspect for your digital needs and build success.

We a dedicated team of experts, we are committed to guiding you to towards achieving your goals in the digital landscape.

From websites, bespoke ecommerce solutions, knowledge management systems, DAMs and learning management systems - kokm can do it all.

Solutions We Offer

Industries and Solutions


Financial Services

Kokm has been used with the financial service industry for over 5 years. Kokm unlocks new opportunities, enhancing performance and optimising operations by being able to flex to high standards of the financial service industry. From building bespoke reporting tools, delivering call centre knowledge management databases to curating bespoke learning environments - kokm has been a tool that is constantly called upon. Kokm's industry approved, secure and stable technology base with the additional of AI tools will easily impress and allow your to build on your digital roadmap.

Our experienced team are able to work directly with your business to understand it's needs, gaps and successes so that you and your team can utilise kokm to drive value and achieve digital goals.



Kokm was born from the LMS (Learning Management System) world as a flexible LMS that enabled schools, universities, colleges and businesses to build bespoke learning areas. Since then, Kokm has built on it's LMS past to be able to provide fully flexible Gradebook, Course and Learning Management suites that can facilitate any learning management need. Our enterprise-grade education capabilities enable your digital solution to be competitive against the best and deliver superior blend learning experiences. Leveraging our extensive knowledge on online training and our expert team members, we are commited to helping your realise your educational digital aspirations.


Contact Centres and Administration

Kokm DXP is a versatile digital business solution designed to cater to your unique requirements and brand identity. Our expert team assists in discovery, design, and development, crafting tailored strategies and solutions to propel your business forward. We specialize in empowering Contact Centre and Administration staff with swift and secure access to knowledge, ensuring they receive timely, relevant content. Let us collaborate in creating the ideal digital presence to elevate your business!



Kokm DXP is equipped with eCommerce capabilities to meet the diverse needs of online visitors, whether they are browsing anonymously or logged in as members or clients. Our platform seamlessly integrates eCommerce functionality with a range of other features, reducing costs and accelerating development speed.

As a Big Commerce partner and Shopify approved, we are able to build ecommerce solutions quickly - saving your time and money and letting you sell your products.


Training Companies

Kokm DXP is the perfect solution for training companies seeking swift development of customized and branded digital experiences. Leverage our platform's features to disseminate knowledge to your clientele, seamlessly integrate with video conferencing tools, and monetize your courses with ease.Elevate training programs with our innovative solutions, offering customizable course delivery, learner engagement tools, and performance tracking features. Our platforms ensure scalability to accommodate diverse training needs, security measures to protect sensitive data, and fast deployment for rapid implementation.


Knowledge Intensive Industries

Kokm DXP prioritizes search and knowledge management, empowering staff and partners to access crucial information precisely when needed. With multimedia capabilities and customizable integrations, Kokm DXP serves as the optimal foundation for building knowledge-based digital experiences. Empower knowledge-intensive sectors with our advanced knowledge management systems, facilitating efficient information sharing, collaboration, and decision-making. Our platforms are scalable to manage vast amounts of data, fortified with security protocols, and optimized for fast access to critical information.


Scaling Up

If your business has outgrown basic tools and is expanding its staff, partner, client, and customer education and knowledge management needs, Kokm DXP can streamline growth costs. Offering numerous out-of-the-box features, Kokm DXP serves as the foundation to design your website and harness the high-powered features required. Fuel your business growth with our scalable solutions tailored for scaling enterprises, offering flexible infrastructure, seamless integration, and automated workflows. Our platforms provide robust security measures, ensuring data protection, and high performance for accelerating business expansion.


Learning Management

If you're seeking a Learning Management System (LMS) that surpasses the basics, Kokm DXP offers a plethora of learning capabilities, including videos, SCORMs, and xAPI, along with interactive content to enhance your LMS functionalities. Kokm DXP can expedite your LMS capabilities and extend them with communication, collaboration, and other knowledge management features. If you desire an adaptable LMS to meet your specific requirements, Kokm DXP is the ideal solution. Revolutionize learning experiences with our comprehensive learning management systems, offering interactive content creation, learner engagement tools, and performance analytics.

Core Philosophy
Core Philosophy:

Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver

When beginning your journey with kokm, we adhere to a structure process ensuring your digital success.

We work with you across 4 Phases:

We get to know you and your business. Learn your trade and understand the project goals.

If needed, we work with you to design your solution from a data and front end perspective. Enabling your vision to come to life.

This is the EASY part. Kokm is a digital experience platform, so most, if not all, of the development is done already! We click everything into place and get kokm working for you.

Maintenance, support, updates, an Account Manager - it's all included in our aim to provide excellence service.

Our team is proud to help you and your business achieve it's goals and grow - internally and externally. Take the stress away of having to start from scratch or get completely bespoke, expensive solutions built for you and instead work with kokm's enhanced code base to enable swift delivery of your projects.

On going maintenance and support means you're always just a phone call away from a friendly voice and support system and helps you and your business succeed.

Get Started
How does KOKM DXP Function

Let's see how it works


Analysis & Planning

Chat to us for free and tell us about your needs. We can then tell you how kokm can help.


Preparing the Digital Experience Platform

Once we know how kokm is going to help - we work with you directly to set up you solution for success. Anything bespoke is added here.


Collaborative Development

Kokm isn't just an agency of developers - it's a partner for your business. We work alongside you to ensure constant support and continuted development of your solution


Deployment & Maintenance

Once your solution has been developed. We hold your hand while it's launched into your business. Then, we are right by your side for all maintenance and support.