Get the best of both worlds! No need to choose between a low cost SaaS solution or bespoke development - kokm gives you both!

Powerful 'out of the box' software

kokm provides powerful 'out of the box' functionality, as a low cost 'as a service' software contract

Tailor like a bespoke development

Choose only the features you need, then tailor our web based platform precisely to suit your brand, workflows & processes

Work smarter, save money

One modern, mobile platform replaces your separate website, intranet, LMS, CMS, Share Wall, video conferencing, collaboration tools, events management & more

Our learning & collaboration tools 

Our solutions work seamlessly together as one low cost platform, or independently, with easy integrations to your existing software solutions


Modern mobile LMS plus find knowledge quickly - whenever you need it

Digital Workplace

Accelerate your digital transformation: intranet, LMS & collaboration tools all in one

Digital Asset Management

Transform your document management: find documents fast, full version control


Improve collaboration, replace email and Slack with the very latest in team chat - at low cost

The learning organisation

kokm's digital workplace is a knowledge hub: organisations & teams capture & organise their knowledge so it's easy for them to find, share & use - & include it in their formal learning environment

Recognition & Awards

kokm Talented Learning Finalist 2019

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

In 2019, of the 750 vendors on their radar worldwide, Talented Learning have honoured 25 outstanding continuing education solutions – 15 award winners & 10 finalists.  We are thrilled to be selected as a 2019 finalist here...

Talented Learning Award kokm 2019

Craig Weiss Top 20 Learning Systems for 2019 

Craig has been named the most influential person in the world for e-learning & the learning system space. His platform, FindAnLMS, allows buyers to search & contact learning system providers.  It is an honour to be included in Craig's Top 20 out of 1,000 systems reviewed here...

Our Clients

How can we help?

If you are looking for a low cost, flexible solution to help your people learn, work & share with ease, please contact us.

We work with each of our clients to create learning & collaborative environments that perfectly support their people, helping them thrive, boost their skills & improve performance & productivity. 

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About Us

kokm started in Edinburgh in 2011. Now based in the UK, India & Australia, we provide tools to help organisations improve the way they work, learn, share & sell. 

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