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Kokm (n): nous, intelligence…

kokm (pronounced ko-kem) is based on a word colloquially used in the Midlands of the UK.  Referring to common sense, if someone says ‘use your kokm  it means use your head, your nous and intelligence. We are passionate about helping people to work smarter.  Join us. It’s time to use your kokm.

build_iconIntelligent Intranet

Capture knowledge in one place, keep it private, share or add it to the LMS with just one click.  Simplify communications and bring everyone together.

secure_iconSecure Extranet

Securely share information, simplify communications, strengthen relationships, speed up response times and increase productivity.


Enable your people to proactively learn from each other, convert the knowledge in the organisation into active learning, increase engagement and retention.

library_iconResources Library

Create a living knowledge base of reference materials, files, notes, tools and templates.  Powerful search keeps everything at your fingertips.

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The office in your pocket

Kokm resizes to any device and looks great on phones, tablets and laptops,
so that you can work smarter, wherever you are.

Make collaboration, learning and knowledge the heartbeat of your business strategy

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Kokm: Collaboration and Chat

Amazing Team ValueCollaborate, Share, Chat and Video Conference

  • Team Communication
  • Private channels and groups
  • Direct messages
  • Voice and video calls
  • Webinars
  • Drag and drop file sharing
  • One place to share and communicate
  • Kokm share wall – documents, links, video and more
  • Drag and drop and share in an instant

Kokm: Learning Management

Improve, Learn and GrowNext generation learning, today!

  • eCommerce enabled Website and highly featured tailorable platform
  • Customized branding to meet your exact needs
  • Highly featured Learning Management System
  • Sell your content online
  • Great for blended learning with events
  • Latest interactive content – simply created and published
  • Quizzing and in-video quizzing
  • Leading video and video management capability
  • Integrations to legacy systems and tools
  • TinCan xAPI and SCORM plus much more
  • Certificates and Badges
  • Social collaboration
  • Languages
  • Extended enterprise access
  • Multiple Shops
  • Easy Administration
  • Reporting
  • Analytics

Kokm: Digital Workplace

Integrating work and learningLead digital transformation with your advanced digital workplace

  • Business Website or Employee/Customer/Suppliers Portal
  • eCommerce
  • Knowledge Management
  • Interactive Content
  • Large content range from Blogs to Video
  • Easy Administration
  • Forms and workflow
  • Communication
  • Events management
  • Appointments
  • Room and equipment bookings
  • Calendars
  • People, Teams and Groups
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Advanced video capability
  • Bulk mail
  • Web Conferencing
  • Integrations
  • Include Learning Management
  • Include Social Collaboration and Chat

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