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    One unified place to Work. Learn. Share. Sell and Save Money.

    People, teams, communities, partners and clients easily work, learn and share together.
    Stop using costly multiple systems that slow you down, confuse and waste time.
    Work faster and smarter, learn, engage, grow and get work done productively
    kokm the simple unified workplace engaging for improved performance.

kokm is one unified website and workplace out of the box and flexes to your requirements

Choose the focus of kokm that best fits your needs...

A new way, easy and intuitive,
learning in the flow of work

kokm brings work and learning together as we need it today

Digital Workplace

Work is changing

From millenials to baby boomers and the next generation to working from home and bring your own device the world of work is rapidly changing

Enable your people to perform and work together learning as they go


Learning Future

Make it easy for your micro learning to live hand in hand with formal and sequenced leaning.

Enable your  people to learn in the way we work today and tomorrow.


Make it simple

We are bombarded with incoming messages, apps and dispersed information.

Stop spending ages jumping around systems and make
collaboration easy and simple

kokm is a website and a platform
that bends to your brand

kokm can be your complete website or a portal for your extended enterprise.
kokm comes with great design options out of the box and can be tailored to your brand needs.
Publishing content to the internet side of kokm is a breeze and no development or coding knowledge is needed.

kokm is a feature rich platform for members.
Get your staff, suppliers, partners and even your clients and customers to log in.
All information inside kokm is highly controlled for access and visbility based on teams and groups as well as individuals.
Members only see what and whom they are allowed to see giving you private zones of knowlege as well as the ability to publish to the whole organisation and the public with a simple click.

kokm is eCommerce enabled linking to poplular payment gateways.
You can pay with debit and credit cards and PayPal.
kokm has 5 shops that come out-of-the box enabling you to sell your content.
Sell Events, Courses, eBooks/PDFs, Membership to the site and even make any page with whatever its content available in store.
kokm has many eCommerce control capabilities from discounts to vouchers/coupons.


kokm is an eCommerce enabled website and powerful feature rich platform all in one.
Make it your complete website, your portal or integrate into kokm from existing systems


Deep search engine bringing back browser like displays of content and files.
Publish and share via multiple content types.
Icon and image based navigation and resource library.
Bookmark with a click.
Easy access to recent content and group activity.
Manage files and attach to pages and content.
Direct seamless access to your Google Docs.
Link to other document systems if required.


Highly featured Events management.
Room, people and equipment booking capability.
Calendar linking all events and to Outlook etc.

Media Centre

World leading video delivery via the Media Centre or direct to page.
Construct playlists.
See how people are engaging.


Course catalogues.
Great visual course navigation.
Simple building of courses from the knowledge library.
Build using in-built quizzes and interactive content.
Build blended courses.
Build mega courses and programmes.
Graphical and tabular reporting.


Tutor, coach and mentor dashboards, controls and reports.
Manager reports and employee reports and controls.


Learning streams for less formal processes.
Personal learning streams.
Award certificates and badges.
Personal learning hub displaying learning progress and results.
Competency profiles and more!


Think the collaboration Walls you are used to and kokm brings you the same.  Share a link, a document, a video or image.  Share quick messages directly with colleagues or groups in an instant.


Rich user profiles.
Groups, Teams and Communities.
People Directory.
All your connections. 
Find experts.

Chat, Message and so much more!

Chat, internally message and reduce email.
Discussion forums.
Coediting content.
Surveys. forms and Polls.

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Improve your performance
Reduce Costs
Improve compliance
Improve engagement
Make it easy

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