Kokm for start ups and small business

Let us take care of your IT needs!

Make life simpler for your people at less cost

Sell more and sell more easily

Build brand and web presence, showcase knowledge and expertise

No IT development, no need for developers to update website, no per user charges

Save money on IT, Eventbrite, newsletters, servers, maintenance, storage and support

Use Kokm to drive your business success!

Make money whilst you sleep

Kokm is fully eCommerce enabled out of the box, connecting the Kokm cart to YOUR PayPal, SagPay or other payment gateway account directly.

Sell your IP and content

Use Kokm to sell your eBooks, Courses, Videos, events and even membership to your site.  You can present any page with whatever content in the resource shop and sell access.

Collect payments direct to your account

Gather payments from your customers for your products with PayPal payments and via any major Credit or Debit card.

easy credit card payment

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