Selecting Solutions Learning Stream

Welcome to the Selecting Solutions Learning Stream

Tools and techniques to help you select the best option

Guidance notes on how to take the course!

Enter Course: Select Take/Resume/Review, on page above

How to Motivate Yourself Start the course and enrol for the first time.
Continue with the course.
Enter the course again after completing the course.
On course entry the list of topics in the course/learning stream is presented.
Each topic in the list is either: Available to you (Green Start icon),
In Progress by you (Amber Timer icon) or
Successfully Completed (Green Tick icon)
Not yet available to you (Grey stop icon and greyed out)


When viewing an individual topic that forms part of a course or learning stream navigate to the previous or next topics or return to the course or learning stream contents:
 Navigation options appear on the course or learning stream topic page: at the top right side.

Tracking your course progress

You can track your learning stream or course progress by returning to the course home page.
Each topic, Quiz, article or Test in the course will indicate whether you have taken/read the topic or have yet to complete it.
The course leads you through topics in order.
If you have previously read/taken a topic/test etc then, when you arrive at that topic, in its proper order, the topic will show 'complete' and not require you to underatke the item again.
The course will indicate where you can start or pick up the trail of learning by indicating where you should 'Begin'.
The course will indicate when all items required are completed.

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