End Point Assessment

Welcome to kokm EPA: End Point Assessment Software Platform

for Apprentice Assessment Organisations.

Your brand, look and feel portal and website
a super powerful modern End Point Assessment software platform

All in One!

Passionate about being an Apprentice Assessment Organisation?

kokm EPA (End Point Assessment):

A unique platform

Manage your complete process for Apprentice End Point Assessment

Purposefully designed to meet your EPA needs

Has significant advantage of flexing to meet your own branded and unique process needs

Will make you stand out as an Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO), save you money and deliver the secure process you need.

My Portfolio

Apprentices can easily load a portfolio of work.

Add videos, audio and document evidence.

Add certificates of achievement.

Standard Assessments

Undertake a sequence of assessments.

Tests, quizzes and questions.

Great interactive content.

Discussions and observation

Professional discussions.

Web conferencing.

Interaction between assessor and apprentice.

kokm EPA: Deliver independent end point assessments for apprentices!

Use kokm EPA's great features to demonstrate competence.

Keep independence of the assessor and assessment from the training provider and the employer as required.

Ensure full sign off of readiness through the access gateway.

Make it easy for the apprentice to demonstrate competence, assessors to assess and quality assurance to review and monitor standards.

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