Create engaging content
Bring excitement and relevance

kokm enables you to build valued learning

Digital Workplace


Build web based courses, learning sequences, blended courses and ILT

Add pre and post courses materials and a huge range of course components.



kokm has a great range of content from resource pages through quizzes to interactive content.

Build in kokm of simply drag and drop third party created content.



kokm has amazing media capability.

from video to audio to image management, kokm brings you leading edge video capabilities.

Do more with content

kokm enables you to create different styles of engaging content for different occasions.
Dont settle for just one mode of presentation,
deliver the content in the way that makes sense for you.

Multiple Content Types

An amazing range of different content types.
From multi-media resource pages to questionnaires, kokm can deliver what you need to help your people improve.
Creating content is simple and easy.


Quickly build surveys, questionnaires, polls and more.
Collect data from users.
Users can upload and share files and more.

Media Centre

Upload videos on the fly from your camera and mobile devices.
Edit the content.
Capture desktops, lectures and more.

Author once, publish to many

Link resources from kokm's resource library into as many courses you want.
Change the resource and all courses automatically update.
Make updating a course really simple.


Collaborate on learning creation. Coauthor content. Preview and publish in draft and much more


Get feedback pre publication.
Engage others in comments and contribution.


Build mega learning programmes and control progession.


Create blended learning with web based and ILT quickly and simply.


Build learning catalogues and libraries of content with a click

kokm gives you the flexibility 
to create content that fits your brand

Kokm works with third party created content in the leading standards:
SCORM, Tin Can (xAPI), AICC.
It's so simple with kokm: just drag and drop the zip file and you are done.
If you want the flexibility of using your own content created in these authoring tools or pull/purchase them from other suppliers/libraries, then kokm works for you.

kokm goes much further than the drag and drop SCORM files.
With kokm you can play documents in page to supplement your learning.
From presentations that scale with a click to full screen,
get the most from your resources on all devices.

It doesnt stop with xAPI and Play-in-page, kokm goes even further.
Quickly and simply add video, audio and images to your content.
Add downloadable supporting documents and files.
Even have video playlists quickly dropped into page.
And you can add media like Prezi, You Tube, Vimeo and the list goes on.
Bring your content to life with the flexibility of presentation you need.

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