Just some of our features

Tailor & customise

Completely tailor - from your brand, look & feel, structure, menus, workflows, create webforms & feedback forms

Full course authoring

Powerful course, content, learning, resource and quiz authoring tools: construct courses, quizzes & interactive learning pathways

Quizzes & interactive forms

Easy to build quizzes, interactive content, webforms and feedback.  Over 40 types of modern interactive content

Events mangement

Comprehensive events management system, plus booking system for people, classrooms, meeting rooms, equipment & catering

Collaborative learning

Promote social learning & knowledge sharing, mentor & tutor interaction, feedback, interactive assignments & assessments

Resources Library

Capture knowledge: build a library of everyday working resources - easy to find & use & add to courses in the LMS


Success stories, badges, leaderboards. Allocate goals & points to tasks, award certificates linked to Mozilla backpacks for badges

CPD & continuous learning

Track your CPD including from external events, continuous development and competency framework

Easy integrations

Easily integrate with SSO to your active directory, HR systems, Turnitin as well other legacy and intranet systems 

Why do organisations choose kokm?

With so many Learning Management Systems on the market, we asked our clients: why did you choose us?  

'the ability to build a resource library 'page by page' & put that knowledge, the knowledge of the business in the learning environment'

'the speed of updating learning, the agility with which knowledge can be added & shared, plus the ability to refer back when you need it was key'

'we needed to demonstrate compliance, but the important thing was that it was easy to grab knowledge when you needed it'

'we want people to share & look around & to be inspired by others, to access learning & knowledge when they need it, in the way they need it'

'the ability to capture knowledge easily, being able to push & share that knowledge to groups & to formal courses gave us the flexibility we wanted'

'easy cirriculum management, easy to build & store information in the library, being able to distribute that knowledge in different ways to different groups'

Who we work with

Training Companies

Integrated website and learning platform, full e-commerce, automate processes, simplify communications, bookings and payments. Learn more...

Education Sector

Your complete virtual learning enironment: easy to use, promotes collaboration, easily integrates with existing systems  
Learn more...


Learning as we want it now: micro, adaptive, social, interactive as well as all the features you expect from a modern, mobile, LMS. Learn more...

Training Companies

Extend your reach & grow your business 

Extend Your Reach & Grow Your Business

For every training company, one platform to run your entire business

Integrated website

 Your fully branded website together with powerful training, collaboration & blended learning platform all in one


Showcase and sell online resources, courses & membership subscriptions - sell knowledge, not hours

Booking & Events

Advanced booking system: automate your calendar as well as bookings for events, workshops and classrooms 


Online, blended & face to face learning, virtual tutoring, students can upload assignments for assessment.


Your virtual learning environment: easy to use and to bring students, faculty members, administrators & parents together in one place

Your virtual learning environment

Flexible solutions for schools, colleges and universities


Completely tailor - brand, look & feel, structure, menus, workflows, web & feedback forms


Intuitive for users and easy to administrate with automated workflows, tailored to meet your needs

Easy integrations

Easily integrate with SSO to your active directory, Turnitin as well as your student and other systems

Continues to develop

We are continuously developing our platform - you benefit as emerging technologies come to market

All types of learners

Supports all types of learners & methods: online, blended & face to face - from programmes to standalone courses

Connect everyone

Bring faculty members, students, parents, teachers and administrators together in one collaborative workspace

Full e-commerce

Full e-commerce, sell online courses, resources, subscriptions, link to events system

Scale at low cost

Our platform scales as as you and your neeeds grow - without incurring excessive additional costs 


Learn in the flow of work

Learn in the flow of work

Learning that impacts performance: micro, adaptive, social, plus all the features of a modern, mobile LMS

Resource library

More than an LMS, build library of resources & knowledge, use the knowledge of the business everyday & in formal courses

Grab knowledge

Grab knowledge when you need it from the LMS and resource library, share with groups and teams

Easy authoring

Move beyond standard SCORM and xAPI courses, easily author courses and build cirrculums from everyday resources

Easy integrations 

Easily integrate with SSO to your active directory, HR systems, Turnitin as well other legacy and intranet systems

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Recognition & Awards

kokm Talented Learning Finalist 2019

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

In 2019, of the 750 vendors on their radar worldwide, Talented Learning have honoured 25 outstanding continuing education solutions – 15 award winners & 10 finalists.  We are thrilled to be selected as a 2019 finalist here...

Talented Learning Award kokm 2019

Craig Weiss Top 20 Learning Systems for 2019 

Craig has been named the most influential person in the world for e-learning & the learning system space. His platform, FindAnLMS, allows buyers to search & contact learning system providers.  It is an honour to be included in Craig's Top 20 out of 1,000 systems reviewed here...

Our Clients

How can we help?

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We work with each of our clients to create learning & collaborative environments that perfectly support their people, helping them thrive, boost their skills & improve performance & productivity.

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kokm started in Edinburgh in 2011. Now based in the UK, India & Australia, we provide tools to help organisations improve the way they work, learn, share & sell. 

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