kokm for small businesses

No matter how small your business, the kokm revolution means that the IT potential of a big business is now within your reach. A unique and truly affordable and portable way of promoting your business to a global audience, kokm lets you sell more, more easily. Your one-stop-shop for an instant, secure, cloud-based business solution, kokm is the perfect IT option for even the most non-techy business people in the world. With kokm everything is possible.

Here’s why people tell us that kokm truly is their small business revolution:


Create your window on the world

With the clean, crisp, state-of-the-art website you create using kokm you can showcase your knowledge, skills and services in their best possible light easily, cheaply and quickly. Unlike a standard website, with kokm, you can invite your customers to log in to experience exclusive or premium content or let them access all areas; the choice is yours. With kokm it’s you who selects to who you promote your business, when and where. A great way to help you stand out from the crowd, kokm is more than just a website; it’s a dynamic online business resource.

Sell while you sleep

By choosing one of our five dedicated and integrated shop fronts with Paypal carts, kokm lets you sell membership subscriptions; tickets to courses or events; e-books or documents and downloads, 24/7 in the best and most flexible way. This means that with kokm you can make money while you sleep. No longer will your intellectual property be locked away from the people who value it most. kokm’s e-commerce facility opens up a whole new world of potential and a whole new income stream for your business.   It’s simple; it’s kokm


Grow your reach

kokm offers you the unique opportunity to communicate with any part of, or all of your business connections at any time, anywhere. Including enhanced SEO potential and extensive social media features, the kokm system means you’re already ahead of the game. But it’s the opportunity to create simple email campaigns using a unique facility backed by MailChimp, or to send and track up to 12,000 free emails per month using the highly respected Mandrill system, that really makes a difference. When you do business the kokm way, you know your business will get noticed.

Enjoy complete control

kokm’s automated processes save you time and money and mean that you’re constantly in control. You can tailor and update your website whenever and wherever you want without the need to go back to a developer to make expensive changes. With just one click you can update content and make it visible or invisible whenever and with whoever you wish. What’s more, you can use the kokm calendars and events diaries to make sales, take bookings and keep your content up to date, fresh and exciting for Google, your customers and your contacts.

Do business the kokm way; you know it makes sense.


Kokm for Large Business

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