kokm for bigger businesses

Bigger businesses that join the kokm revolution enjoy all the benefits that small businesses enjoy of course. With the kokm Intelligent Intranet, Secure Extranet, LMS and Resources Library you get:

  • A powerful and attractive on-line presence with a range of e-commerce possibilities built in. kokm is a unique and new one-stop-shop that brings learning, workplace and knowledge management together.
  • kokm is an IT solution that adds up to a whole lot more than the sum of its parts, yet costs a whole lot less than the alternatives.
  • No per user At kokm we’ve deliberately adopted a disruptive pricing strategy to enable you to have unlimited users on a single, fixed pricing plan.

But that’s not all. At kokm we know that bigger businesses usually need a bit more and this is why we’ve added these benefits, just for you:


Power to your people

Using kokm’s Enterprise Document Management system you can publish content in your own Resources Library and then with one click, allocate that content to specific clients, web pages or groups, exactly as you wish. With the option of an email alert to advise users of new content, you get increased traffic, loyalty and interaction that’s as easy to manage as A,B,C. Using the clever kokm reporting system you can also track who’s looking at what you’ve published, enabling you to intuitively tailor content specifically to your users needs.

Video made easy

A picture paints a thousand words and a video a whole lot more. Working in tandem with Kaltura MediaSpace, kokm means you can easily configure and brand your own videos to add real power to your communication elbow. No matter whether you use video to share information with staff; for training purposes or to promote your brand to a global audience, Kaltura MediaSpace and kokm make your project simpler and more appealing. With kokm you can share video with whoever you want, whenever you want, no matter what device they’re using.


Stay close to your people

Staying in touch with your people is one of the best ways to grow and stay in touch with exactly what’s going on in your business. Your people may be your staff, your network, your clients or your potential clients.   Using any one of kokm’s powerful Web Conferencing facility options, staying up close and personal with your people couldn’t be easier. Look straight into the eyes of the people who matter most to your business, irrespective of where they are, what time of day or night it is and what device they’re working on. With kokm, you can get close.

Bring people together

With kokm’s Online Collaboration tools you can create communities of like-minded people and chat, as well as share relevant, up-to-date and in-demand information with them, when you want and how you want. You can enable those communities to participate in forums; comment on content and ask questions; with kokm it’s you who pulls the collaboration strings. Including easy to create polls and surveys, you’ll soon have your people engaged and talking, giving you a birds-eye view of what matters most in your business, right here, right now.


kokm for Small Business

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