At kokm we’re passionate about helping your business perform better. We want your business to move faster, sell more and stand taller on the global stage so you can get on and do amazing things for, and with your customers. This is why we’ve developed kokm.

kokm is a new and unique, feature-rich, multi-media website and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) package that lets small as well as big businesses work, learn, meet, share and collaborate in one place, like never before.

kokm integrates your real workplace with your Learning Management System giving you one integrated and dynamic place from which to develop your business and your people. With kokm, selective and global online collaboration is a breeze, no matter whether you’re collaborating within your team, across teams or securely with your customers, suppliers or partners.

With easy access through a web browser, kokm looks great on every device, so you can connect with all your contacts whether they’re operating on mobiles, tablets, laptops or desktops. Using the kokm cloud-based solution you’re in touch wherever and whenever you have Internet connection. Simple.

At kokm our priority is to bring our customers the very latest in online meeting, collaboration, document management and video media capabilities at a price that won’t break the bank. In fact we’re so passionate about this that we’ve rejected the notion of per user pricing in favour of a single, transparent and value-orientated pricing structure.

With kokm you get:

  • Best of breed online presence with e-commerce options
  • Top tier web-hosting and best in class content delivery
  • Enterprise class content and document management
  • Leading edge video and media capabilities
  • A choice of web conferencing providers

kokm is a trademarked product of iWise2eBusiness Limited, based in Scotland, UK.